Folk Under The Clock and Market Hall PAC 
presents from Ireland & Newfoundland
Miscellany of Folk 

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2024 at 8:00 pm

Location: Market Hall Performing Arts Centre, 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON, K9J 2T8

Tickets: $49 incl. fees, visit Market Hall website to purchase


Formed in 2022, Miscellany Of Folk is a captivating touring act uniting three talented musicians from Ireland and Newfoundland. The band includes multi instrumentalist Billy Sutton, accordion maestro Benny McCarthy, and singer-guitarist Eddie Costello. With decades of global performance experience, they blend the rich musical traditions of the Emerald Isle and North America.

Known for their powerful repertoire of thoughtfully crafted songs and lively instrumental music, Miscellany Of Folk delivers dynamic and intimate concerts filled with emotion and fun. Their acoustic sound combines accordion, fiddle, guitar, bodhran, mandola, and harmonized vocals, creating a heartwarming and engaging folk music experience.

Billy Sutton, from Newfoundland, is celebrated for his versatility as a musician and producer. Benny McCarthy, from County Waterford, Ireland, brings his acclaimed accordion skills and a legacy with the band Danú. Eddie Costello, hailing from County Tipperary, Ireland, captivates with his soulful vocals and skilled guitar playing. Together, they create a harmonious and fresh perspective on the folk genre, captivating audiences worldwide.

Learn more at: https://bennymccarthy.net/miscellany-of-folk